Thinking about the actual amount of news that reach me everyday I decided to make a little self-experiment.

I had a vivid conversation about Facebook with a friend of mine. We had both the same opinion about the ambivalent relationship we have with this social network site. Besides the usual privacy discussion (which I do not want to treat in this post) we were lamenting about the news we receive from our friends. One thing that was left stuck in my mind from this conversation was the statement “What I like about FB is that news reach me, which I otherwise would not have heart of”.

More precisely my friend was referring to the Spanish protest movement #15M, also known as #democraciarealya, which has developed in the wake of the Arab Spring and prior to the autonomic and municipal elections from 23.05.2011 and had a peak on May 15. We both were agreeing on the fact that we are somehow addicted to news media, visiting the same news web site up to 10 times a day and only reading the top 5 headlines. We figured it is some kind of “not wanting to miss out on something” that makes us enjoy real time news consumption.

This conversation and other papers I have read about the topic of news information made me come up with the idea of a self experiment. The rules are the following: I may not consume any news bit that does not reach me via social media.

Now I have to say, this is  n o t  empiric. I am sure I will encounter situations that will not be compatible with the experiment. Neither have I decided on the duration of this experiment. The goal is to understand, feel, or simply discover a subjective difference in the way I will be informed about everyday news. This is the first post regarding this experiment. The experience will be documented under the category self-experiment.

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