Social Media as a Mind Set.

A couple of days ago I have retweeted an announcement about the podcast “One Click Society” from WeEarth Global Radio Network.

The latest episode from August 25, 2011 is an interview with social media expert and blogger Erik Deckers. Most of the interview is based on the use of social media in corporate communication, a topic which is interesting, but certainly not the one I like to focus on.

But what caught my attention were little ideas that popped up between the lines on the conversation and especially one kept me thinking:

B.: “How important are the tools (of SM)
D.: “Not as important! You know there are some tools that you think, hey this could never go away, this is too big or Facebook is the one network that might take over the planet, etc. etc. but ask yourself what happened to AOL [...]
The companies that were big aren’t that big anymore, but still the ideas have carried on where, we can connect with people on the Internet, we can sell things on the Internet, we can do so much more on the Internet, no matter what happens to the tools.[...]

B.: “With this in mind, then is it fair to say that, rather than being a tool set social media is more of a mind set?”
D.: “Yes absolutely. When we were talking about relationship marketing earlier, that is the mindset that you should have in using social media, providing value and being interesting. [...]”


I kept on thinking about the phrase “social media as a mind set” and realized that this is exactly the way I have always understood SM. As a Mind Set. This was actually the reason for me to start writing this blog, the frustration that almost all conversation around SM is focused on Twitter and Facebook, the two most representative tools of the SM mind set. Like I wrote on the about page of this blog the focus is not on the wheels or the engine, but on the car and its meaning for transportation.

I have always seen SM as a mind set independent from the tools that provide the technological basis of SM. I think that many people today still haven’t fully understood that. And I am happy to have made a huge step in encountering the purpose and the very essence of this web blog.


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