Social media and modern computer-mediated communication is a popular topic these days. A Google search for “Social Media Blog” reveals “About 979,000,000 results” (on 04.10.2011, 11:11) and seamingly endless are offline conversations about Facebook, Twitter and Co. Most of these discussions focus on specific details such as new features, a new service, or simply boulevard like news.

This focus on social media can be compared to a discussion between two car geeks that talk about a specific rim size, motors, or the new xenon headlights. This blog is about social media! But instead of focusing on wheels, engines, or lights this blog will focus on the car and its meaning for transportation, mobility, and freedom. Social Media and Society is about social media as a phenomenon of society.

lubraunLucas Braun writes his master’s thesis on “Social Media and Public Opinion” at the Universitat de Valencia. Interested in Sociology, Anthropology and Digital Communication he is writing this blog to share knowledge from his research and offer a more profound perspective on the topic of social media.
Lucas is not a native English speaker.

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