Social Media = 90% Marketing?

A reason why I started this blog is that discussions about social media topics mainly treat the marketing aspect of it.

The upcoming Social Media Week is a another example of this trend. The SMW is a congress taking place in 14 cities around the globe from September 24 – 28. I personally will attend a couple of presentations on the 28th in Barcelona.

Going through the agenda I was disappointed to encounter, that almost 90% of the presentations and workshops taking place in Barcelona are in some way connected to selling, marketing, business, or advertisement. Although these events are organized through various panels which suggest that it is not only about marketing (“Society and Environment”, “Education and Learning”, and “Politics and Government”) they are still dominated by the business aspect. For instance the panel “Culture and Lifestyle” with its round table about “Debate about the Industry of Computer Games” or the presentation of “Consumption of TV and Social Networks: 1+1=3″ or the panel “Education and Learning” with its workshop about “Social Media Marketing”.

Still, I will be going, just for a day, in order to take a look at this event and eventually connect to some of the Barcelonian Social Media cluster. Further reports coming up …