Thoughts on Social Media and Small Talk.

Again a very interesting podcast episode (again in German, sorry) has left me thinking about the topic of social media’s effects on small talk:

I think everybody who uses Twitter or Facebook recently has experienced a similar situation as the following. Saturday night you go out with your friend and you tell her how your week was.

You say: “Wow … crazy, on Tuesday I have found a 50 Euro bill in the street.”
Your friend: “Yeah I know, I have read it”

Of course she knows the story because you have twittered about it immediately.

In retrospect you might realize that the intention about the 50 Euro story was not to share this experience, but it is rather a tool for the initiation of more profound conversation, hence small talk (this must not be the only intention though, it could also be a tool to strengthen the relationship, but lets stick with the example).

Well, what has happened? Continue reading

Social Media as a Mind Set.

A couple of days ago I have retweeted an announcement about the podcast “One Click Society” from WeEarth Global Radio Network.

The latest episode from August 25, 2011 is an interview with social media expert and blogger Erik Deckers. Most of the interview is based on the use of social media in corporate communication, a topic which is interesting, but certainly not the one I like to focus on.

But what caught my attention were little ideas that popped up between the lines on the conversation and especially one kept me thinking: Continue reading

Thoughts on the Future.

Yesterday I listened to a great podcast about software development. After an interesting hour of talk radio the host of the podcast Elementarfragen (in German only), asked his two guests about the future of computers and the Internet. This question made me think what I would answer to such a difficult question.

The two guests of the show were wise enough to give a wide answer, focusing on the human to computer interface and the developments we are about to encounter in the field of speech recognition. They also said that many of the most important inventions have already happened and that the next generation of advanced software will not be HAL (from 2001 Space Odysee), but only iOS6. Continue reading

Thoughts on Digital Identity.

The possibilities of digital identity management have become more and more sophisticated over the years. 20 years ago there was little more space for defining identity than a username and a biography (at least to the mainstream user), social media services nowadays offer functions to communicate that we like/read/listen/watch a great variety of digital content. Profiles have become ever more sophisticated allowing us to create a limitless multimedia timeline of our own lives.

But what really identifies us is the relationship to our connections? In social network services it is possible to encounter twelve Continue reading